Emerging Technologies Workshop & Roundtable: Quantitative NMR and Digital Data Applications─ Overview and Perspectives

qNMR workshop

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7-10 a.m. EST each day

  • Day 1: Virtual Workshop: Overview of qNMR Applications (with Q&A)
  • Day 2: Virtual Workshop: Focus on Validation (with Q&A)
  • Day 3: Pharmacopeial Virtual Roundtable (public observation only)

Registration deadline: November 15, 2020, 12 p.m. EST

Cost: Complimentary


Quantitative NMR (qNMR) is increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry for identification and quantitative purposes. However, its implementation in pharmacopeial applications is limited. Advances in benchtop NMR instrument capabilities and digital data applications has created a potential to expand not only the use of qNMR but also raises questions about integration as well.

Join USP and representatives from international pharmacopeias, NMR instrumentation and software providers, qNMR users and stakeholders to discuss the use of qNMR for quality assessment and applications of digital qNMR data. Through scientific and policy conversations, participants will explore the current uses of qNMR aspects of digital applications that could be utilized to advance product quality and support technical innovation. Special emphasis will be on how to integrate the use of qNMR technology and digital data globally.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of qNMR
  • Low field benchtop qNMR applications
  • Use cases of qNMR data: digital applications of qNMR to assess product quality
    • Material assessing, testing and certification
    • Supply chain
    • Process analytical technology
    • Quantum mechanics
  • Validation and qNMR
    • qNMR and analytical chemistry validation, needs and differences
  • Proposed Revisions to the USP General Chapters <761> Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy <1761> Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • qNMR applications in pharmacopeias
  • Pharmacopeias’ role and the potential use of digital data
    • Panel Discussions on pharmacopeial uses and the future of digital data

Questions? Contact conferences@usp.org or +1 301-816-8130.