Christine E. Feaster

Christine Feaster
Vice President
Global Commercial Operations

Christine E. Feaster, is Vice President, Global Commercial Operations.

In this role, Mrs. Feaster is responsible for all global commercial activities and she has a keen awareness of the public health impact of all strategies and plans that effectively enables her to prioritize this aspect of her team’s work. Mrs. Feaster is responsible for building and shaping a world class team with a global mindset and oversees the strategies for Strategic Customer Development, Key Account Management, Channel Strategy, Customer Experience and Service, Commercial Effectiveness, as well as the North American Region strategy. Mrs. Feaster’s role is to improve the customer insights for meaningful and fuller engagement and improving public health through the use of USP’s products and services worldwide.

Before assuming her current role, Mrs. Feaster held various leadership positions at USP, including the Head of Chemical Medicines and Dietary Supplements Strategic Marketing and Program Operations and prior to that, the Global Quality Assurance department.

Mrs. Feaster has over twenty years of leadership experience in the highly regulated pharmaceutical, biologics and dietary supplement industries. Prior to joining USP, Ms. Feaster held various executive positions, most recently as Chief Operating Officer, as well as various Quality leadership roles at companies such as Baxter, NABI and Nutramax Laboratories. Mrs. Feaster earned her Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame of Maryland University in Biology and Philosophy and attends University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Executive Programs.