Becoming a definitive source of medicine quality standards

Despite all that is changing in the world in terms of new types of medicines being developed, changing methods of production, and a host of other factors, USP will stay true to its 200-year-old mission and be a definitive source of medicine quality standards. USP will do this by focusing its science on the most important medicines that reach the most people and by promoting the use of innovative technologies to improve quality. USP will develop and revise standards consistent with the latest scientific knowledge by tapping into USP’s increasingly global and flexible networks of expertise.

By bringing USP’s scientific knowledge and talent to bear, USP will strive to shape quality outcomes for every new and emerging medicine and related technology.

The following are links that provide a sampling of trends and responses observed in the area of standards, as detailed in both USP resources and important information from thought leaders, USP’s partners, and others.