Capability Building

Becoming a leading provider of training and services to improve medicine quality

USP has become increasingly aware that the changing global landscape requires more flexibility and responsiveness than many organizations can achieve. Even organizations that aspire to the highest standard of quality may not always have the skills and know-how to achieve it. To bridge this gap, USP is steadily becoming a leading provider of training and other services to manufacturers, government agencies, and other interested stakeholders. Through innovative training programs, USP will help stakeholders meet the evolving challenges and develop the skills and systems they will need to to elevate quality.

To do this, USP will prioritize the infinite opportunities to improve quality among other organizations, agencies, and companies. This will be based on where USP can best build on existing programs and expertise. USP will amplify its impact by working with partners and creating synergy with USP’s advocacy and standards efforts. USP will meet stakeholders where they are in their quality journey and help them move towards a shared vision for quality medicines.

The following are links that provide a sampling of trends and responses observed in the area of capability building, as detailed in both USP resources and important information from thought leaders, USP’s partners, and others.