Creating a sense of urgency and investment to advance medicine quality

Access to quality medicines is essential for addressing the world’s top public health priorities, yet all too frequently these priorities get overlooked because policy reform, investment in regulatory systems, and inclusion of quality as an imperative for biomedical innovations are not prioritized. As a result, proven solutions to ensure quality – including adherence to science-based quality standards – are not used as effectively or as broadly as they could be around the world.

Elevating quality as a priority among policy makers and stakeholders will optimize the reach and use of USP standards and increase their public health impact. As a major global leader focused solely on quality, USP has the opportunity to build on its 200 year legacy by creating a sense of urgency for investment in, and focus on, quality. USP can do this by building an evidence-base to support the case for quality. This in turn will foster thought leadership among regulators and policy makers on new paradigms to ensure the quality of innovations, harness a broad coalition of allied stakeholders that can influence policy makers, and create a sustainable platform to advocate for quality into the future.

The following are links that provide a sampling of trends and responses observed in the area of advocacy, as detailed in both USP resources and important information from thought leaders, USP’s partners, and others.