Working to Protect Lives

USP helps to protect consumers and patients by strengthening the world’s safety net for medicines, dietary supplements, and foods by working with experts in science and health to develop transparent standards for quality.

In partnership with regulatory agencies that enforce our standards, USP’s quality standards help manufacturers ensure these products are safe and reliable for patients and consumers in the United States and around the world.

USP is an objective, non-governmental, public health organization and an essential piece of the infrastructure that ensures confidence in the safety and quality of medicines and other products worldwide.

Our work benefits:

  • Medicines - USP monographs and reference standards help ensure medication quality
  • Foods - Our standards and testing methods can be used to confirm the identity and quality of food ingredients and help avoid food fraud
  • Dietary supplements - Our quality standards and voluntary verification program help ensure consumer confidence
  • Strengthening systems - We help improve public health around the world by building local capacity to ensure quality medicines
  • Providers, practitioners and patients - Our standards support healthcare practitioners, including safe handling of hazardous drugs, compounding formulary and other aspects of healthcare delivery