Controversial legislative proposal threatens patient safety by removing public quality standards required for biologics

A controversial provision tucked into the Senate HELP Committee’s draft “Lower Health Care Costs Act” would put patient safety at risk and inhibit competition in biologic medicines.

Call the Senate HELP Committee: Tell them to reject this controversial provision 202-224-0767

The public quality standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) are one reason why Americans have access to the safest medicines in the world. The provision under consideration would remove requirements that biologic medicines meet transparent public standards, making adherence to public quality standards optional.

When it comes to our families’ health, quality and safety should never be optional. Because of this, this provision is opposed by prominent groups representing patients and healthcare providers.

This provision is all risk with no benefit. Congress should reject it and put patient safety first.

For more information on why this provision will risk patient safety, inhibit competition and is opposed by prominent patient and healthcare provider groups, please see the resources below: