Policies & Rules

USP operates according to established policies and rules that affirm our on-going commitment to responsible, ethical, and legal practices throughout the organization and in all aspects of USP activities. These principles govern the  conduct of USP's officers, trustees, other volunteers, and employees.

Code of Ethics

The USP Code of Ethics requires that USP conducts its activities with honesty, integrity, and trust;  that its employees and volunteers operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards; that assures its independence and objectivities through strict conflict of interest, relationship, gift, and other related policies; and that USP respects and protects the confidentiality of proprietary information. View the USP Code of Ethics.

Rules & Procedures of the 2020–2025 Council of Experts

In accordance with USP Bylaws , these provisions define the standards-setting activities that are the responsibility of the USP Council of Experts. View the 2020-2025 Rules & Procedures for the Council of Experts.