Convention Committees

The USP Convention Membership is served by four committees:

  • Council of the Convention (CoC): The CoC develops rules and procedures for inviting (and removing) Voting Organizational Members, engages and communicates with members, establishes criteria for and invites Convention Observers, and develops resolutions to help advance USP's mission.
  • Convention Governance Committee (CGC): The Governance Committee ensures that the rules and procedures of the CoC and Council of Experts are consistent with the Bylaws, develops and reviews proposed Bylaws amendments, and strives to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of the voting process used by Members.
  • Nominating Committee for the Council of Experts (NC–CoE):This committee solicits and vets nominations for the chair of each USP expert committee, and presents a slate of two candidates for each committee to the Convention membership. These candidates stand for election at the Convention's five-year Membership Meeting.
  • Nominating Committee for Officers and Trustees (NC–O&T): Nominations for each Board officer and trustee position–including the president, treasurer, and eight trustees – are solicited and vetted by this committee. Officers and trustees are elected by Members every five years at the Membership Meeting. The constituencies that are to be represented on the Board are indicated in the Bylaws, and the committee adheres to those parameters in developing its slate. The Board of Trustees serves as the fiduciary decision-maker on behalf of the Members.