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With thousands of options to choose from, patients may have many questions when it comes to dietary supplement quality. In addition, most consumers are unaware that dietary supplements are not regulated according to the same quality standards as medicines often found nearby on store shelves.

To help your patients choose quality dietary supplements with confidence, recommend that they look for USP Verified products. These are dietary supplements that have been voluntarily submitted by manufacturers to the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program for a thorough testing and auditing process. Products that successfully meet the program’s strict criteria—including federally recognized USP–NF standards of quality, purity, potency, performance, and consistency and current FDA good manufacturing practices— are awarded the USP Verified Mark to display on labels, packaging, and promotional materials.

Dietary Supplement Quality Education Programs

Contact Hour Credit Opportunity: "Product Quality Verification of Dietary Supplements" (offered by ProCE) for Pharmacists, Nurses, and Dietitians. And now for Physicians and Physician Assistants.


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ProCE, an independent provider of educational programming for healthcare professionals, is offering this free home-based continuing education (CE) activity for physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians. The course was designed to support counseling efforts by examining dietary supplement regulation and related topics, including:

Development of this activity was funded in part by an educational grant from USP. Through ProCE, 1.0 contact hour (0.1 CEU) of credit may be achieved upon successful completion of the course. Enroll now.

"USP Dietary Supplement Verification: The Standard of Quality"

This free, online program is similar to the above activity and is geared specifically toward pharmacists and pharmacy techs, but with a focus specific to the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program and the USP Verified Mark. This program is not CE-accredited.

Topics include:

  • USP and why it was chosen to verify supplements quality
  • The importance of the USP Verified Mark on a supplement label
  • The USP Verified process
  • Helping patients make informed dietary supplement choices

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