Join the USP Verified Program for Dietary Supplements

Complete the online application form to submit products to the USP Verified Dietary Supplements Program. Or, if you would like to discuss how you can get the USP Verified Mark on the dietary supplements that you manufacture or sell, please e-mail

Program Overview

USP's independent verification program for dietary supplements is open to manufacturers of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, and other dietary supplement products recognized under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The program will help to validate the integrity of your products and increase consumer confidence, brand loyalty, and product sales. Market research has established that a majority of consumers are more likely to buy supplements that have been verified by USP.

Since the launch of its verification program for dietary supplements in 2002, USP has verified 730 products for participants. More than 45 million dietary supplement packs featuring the USP Verified Mark have appeared on store shelves across the nation. More products with the Mark are being launched regularly.


Under its fee-based dietary supplement verification program, USP tests and verifies supplements against the official, DSHEA-recognized standards that USP itself establishes for integrity, purity, and potency. USP also tests for good manufacturing practices and accuracy of ingredient labeling. The verification process includes laboratory testing of product samples, product documentation reviews, manufacturing site audits, and off-the-shelf product testing. Products that meet USP's stringent program requirements are allowed to use the USP Verified Mark on labels and other materials, subject to USP's guidelines and oversight.

Benefits of USP Verification

  • USP's expertise and rigorous testing will help you enhance the quality of your supplements and meet FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  • USP's ongoing communication and public education efforts will help to educate consumers about dietary supplements and the importance of verification.
  • USP Verification helps to build brand equity and loyalty by adding credibility to your supplements.
  • Joining the rigorous USP Verified program demonstrates your commitment to high-quality standards that can stand up to independent third-party testing.