Notices of Stage 6 Harmonized Text

USP versions of Stage 6 Harmonized texts, which were formerly published in the Harmonization section of USP's website, now appear in this area of the USP website. Stage 6 Harmonization includes monographs or general chapters that have completed stages 1-6 of the pharmacopeial harmonization process resulting in an approved USP–NF text. Stage 6 adopted text is published here so that USP–NF users may become aware of its availability as a pharmacopeial standard and its targeted official date. See chart below for specific posting and official dates.


Posting Date

Official Date

*Apr 2014None to PostN/A
Sep 2014Sep 26, 2014Aug 1, 2015
Nov 2014Nov 21, 2014Dec 1, 2015
Feb 2014Feb 27, 2015Dec 1, 2015

*There were no Stage 6 Notices to post for April 2014

Stage 6 Harmonization IconNew Stage 6 Notices

  • Sucrose (posted 27–Sep–2013; official 01–Aug–2014, updated 28–Mar–2014)

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