Notices of Stage 6 Harmonized Text

USP versions of Stage 6 Harmonized texts, which were formerly published in the Harmonization section of USP's website, now appear in this area of the USP website. Stage 6 Harmonization includes monographs or general chapters that have completed stages 1-6 of the pharmacopeial harmonization process resulting in an approved USP–NF text. Stage 6 adopted text is published here so that USP–NF users may become aware of its availability as a pharmacopeial standard and its targeted official date. See chart below for specific posting and official dates.


Posting Date

Official Date

Sep 2014Sep 26, 2014Aug 1, 2015
Nov 2014Nov 21, 2014Dec 1, 2015
Feb 2015There were no items to post for February 2015N/A
Apr 2015Apr 24, 2015May 1, 2016
Jul 2015*Jul 31, 2015May 1, 2016
Sep 2015Sep 25, 2015Aug 1, 2016


*Potential special ballot and posting

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  • Gelatin (posted 25–Sep–2015; official 01–Aug–2016)
  • Isomalt (posted 25–Sep–2015; official 01–Aug–2016)
  • Magnesium Stearate (posted 25–Sep–2015; official 01–Aug–2016)

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