USP Donor Recognition Program


Help Set the Standard.

Share in USP’s mission to improve global public health by participating in our collaborative standards-setting activities. Interested parties—like you—from industry, government, academia, and related groups voluntarily contribute scientific expertise, support, services, and materials to ensure we provide authoritative, relevant standards that aptly reflect changing industry and public health needs. Your participation is a key ingredient to the successful development of monographs, methods, and reference materials. To keep our public standards current, development processes are ongoing—making your input essential.

Get Involved by...

Submit Priority New Monographs and Modernized Monographs

Learn about, and participate in, our efforts to obtain priority new monographs and to modernize existing monographs.

Provide or Test Reference Standards Candidate Bulk Materials

Interested in testing candidate materials or supplying bulk quantities of drug substances, dosage forms, excipients, or other material to support documentary standards or monographs?  Find out how at our Reference Standards Donor Program page.

Participation Recognitions

In appreciation of your participation in the standards-setting process, our DRP Administration Team works closely with valued donors to evaluate suitable recognitions for each participant at the time of annual recognition.

Beginning on January 1, 2016, donors of new or modernized monographs and candidate reference materials may receive, at their discretion, Certificates of Appreciation when monographs reach the publication in forum stage or when donated reference materials are received. Reference material donors may also receive one packaged vial of their RS and a summary of the data collected by USP on their candidate material at the time of release, recognition in USP publications and a personalized crystal statue, a symbol of recognition for their contribution to public health.

In addition to certificates, new or modernized monograph donors may receive (based on number of donations) the following:

Review the full Donor Recognition Chart.

Get Started – Donor Submission Portal

The Donor Submission Portal (DSP) is a secure platform for information exchanges between donors and USP, in particular the transfer of monograph and reference material data to USP’s Standards Acquisition Department. Monograph and reference material acquisition is the first step in developing a public standard, and the Donor Submission Portal is designed to facilitate and encourage participation in the USP standards-setting process.

DSP features include:

  • Search for monographs of interest
  • Submit documents in various formats for the development of a monograph
  • Track submission progress
  • Discuss standards acquisition activities with the manager responsible for their submission
  • View and share compendial work
  • Track compendial activities for reporting to management and project planning
  • Discuss standards-setting topics in a discussion forum


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