Get Involved in Setting USP–NF Standards


Participation in USP's public standards-setting process by the pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders is vital to the development of authoritative, relevant USP–NF monographs. Interested parties can participate in any of the following ways

USP also offers opportunities for involvement on the USP Council of Experts as well as with the donation of monographs and reference materials for dietary supplements and food ingredients.

Database Tools for Priority New Monographs and Monograph Modernization

View our Priority New Monograph and Monographs Requiring Modernization databases to participate in the USP process.

USP Donor Submission Portal

USP is pleased to announce the Donor Submission Portal (DSP). It is a secure, user-friendly, and interactive electronic platform for the exchange of information between sponsors and USP, in particular the transfer of monograph and reference material data to USP’s Standards Acquisition Department. Monograph and reference material acquisition is the first step in developing a public standard, and the Donor Submission Portal is designed to further facilitate and encourage participation in the USP standards-setting process.


The DSP's features allow sponsors to do the following in a safe, secure, and confidential website:

  • Search for monographs of interest
  • Submit documents in various formats for the development of a monograph
  • Track progress of their submissions
  • Discuss acquisition activities with the Standards Acquisition manager responsible for their submission
  • View and share the compendial work of their organization
  • Track their company's compendial activities for reporting to management and project planning
  • Discuss standards-setting topics in a discussion forum


  • Sponsors (individuals in an organization who are responsible for submitting data for monograph and reference material development)
  • USP staff

Get Started

  • Click on to access the Portal or request access (you may wish to consult your organization's compendial point of contact first)
  • Training tutorial and other resources are available within the Portal.

USP Donor Recognition Program

USP appreciates industry participation and acknowledges the important role it plays in our standards–setting activities. Donors of monographs and candidate reference materials may receive, at their discretion, Certificates of Appreciation when monographs reach the publication stage or when donated reference materials reach the USP Catalog. Reference material donors also get a summary of the data collected by USP on their candidate material.

In addition to certificates, donors may receive (based on level of participation and donation status)

Questions about the USP Donor Recognition Program should be addressed to Kellylynn Wheeler, or Bruk Alemayehu at