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Jaap Venema, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer+1-301-230-6318Science Division

Bruk Alemayehu, VP, Global Standards Mgmt Operations


Project management; Chemical Reference Standards

Michael Ambrose, Ph.D., Director, Biologics & Biotechnology Laboratory


Biologics & Biotechnology Laboratory

Fouad Atouf, Ph.D., Director, Biologics & Biotechnology—USP–NF


Biologics and Biotechnology 

Shawn C. Becker, M.S., B.S.N, Senior Director, Healthcare Quality Standards


Healthcare Quality Standards

Donna Bohannon, R.Ph., Scientific Liaison


Nomenclature, Safety & Labeling

William E. Brown, Senior Scientific Liaison


Dosage Forms General Chapters

Anton Bzhelyansky, M.S., Scientific, Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines
Hillary Cai, Ph.D., Scientific Monographs
Kevin Carrick, Ph.D., Scientific and Biotechnology 

Lisa Corbin, Technical Services Scientist


Reference Standard Queries

Behnam Davani, Ph.D., M.B.A., Principal Scientific Liaison


Chemical Medicines, Monograph Modernization

Natalia Davydova, Ph.D., Scientific Liaison


Dietary Supplements

Huy T. Dinh, M.S., Senior Scientific Liaison


Dietary Supplements; Chemical Analysis General Chapters

Robert Femia, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Chemical Medicines and General Chapters


Chemical Medicines and General Chapters

Gabriel I. Giancaspro, Ph.D., Vice President, Dietary Supplements & Herbal Medicines


Dietary Supplements & Herbal Medicines

Nora Suarez-Giancaspro, M.S., Supervisor, and
Senior Scientific Liaison, Spanish–NF in Spanish (technical queries)

Brian D. Gilbert, Ph.D., Technical Services Manager


Chemical Medicines Queries

Elena Gonikberg, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison


New Monographs

Antonio Hernandez–Cardoso, M.Sc., Senior Scientific Liaison


Chemical Analysis and Physical Analysis General Chapters
Galina V. Holloway, Ph.D., Senior Scientific; Chemical Analysis and Physical Analysis General Chapters

Desmond G. Hunt, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Liaison


Physical Analysis; Dosage Forms; Packaging, Storage, and Distribution General Chapters

Maura C. Kibbey, Ph.D, Director, Science & Standards, Biologics


Biological Analysis

Scott Kuzner, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Executive Secretariat of Experts Support

Robert Lafaver, M.S., Technical Services Manager


Excipients Queries

Kristie Laurvick, M.S., Senior Scientific Liaison


Food Ingredients

Margareth R. C. Marques, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison; Latin American


Dosage Forms General Chapters

Caroline Martin, Director, Publications



Ding Ming, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Innovation


Research and Innovation

Jeffrey Moore, Ph.D., Director, Science–Food Standards


Food Ingredients

Kevin T. Moore, Ph.D., Manager, Pharmacopeial Harmonization


Harmonization; Excipients; Physical Analysis and Chemical Analysis General Chapters

Tina S. Morris, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Science–Global Biologics


Biologics & Biotechnology

Akhilesh Nagaich, Ph.D., Scientific Liaison



Horacio Pappa, Ph.D., Director, General Chapters


General Chapters

Alan Potts, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison


MC and Monograph Modernization, Chemical Medicines

Leonel Santos, Ph.D., M.B.A., Director, Monograph Modernization


Chemical Medicines, Monograph Modernization

Nandakumara Sarma, Ph.D., Director, Dietary Supplements


Dietary Supplements

Rick Schnatz, Pharm. D., Senior Manager, Healthcare Quality Standards and Compounding



Catherine M. Sheehan, M.S., Senior Director, Excipients & PDG


Excipients; Harmonization

Mario P. Sindaco, M.S., M.B.A., Director, Compendial Affairs and Executive Secretariat, Council of Experts


Document Disclosure; Executive Secretariat; Stakeholder Affairs; Volunteer Affairs

Shankari Shivaprasad, Ph.D., Scientific Monographs

Jeanne Sun, Pharm.D., Scientific Liaison



Anita Y. Szajek, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison


Biologics and Biotechnology

Radhakrishna S. Tirumalai, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison


Microbiology and Toxicology General Chapters

Hermes van der Lee, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Laboratory Laboratory Operations
Domenick Vicchio, Ph.D., Director, Chemical Modernization—Chemical Medicines

Hong Wang, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Liaison


Excipients; Chemical Analysis; and Physical Analysis General Chapters

Andrzej Wilk, Ph.D., Senior Scientific

Ahalya Wise, Ph.D., Director, Science-Chemical Medicines


New Monographs

Kahkashan Zaidi, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Liaison


Chemical Analysis; Physical Analysis and Dosage Forms General Chapters