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To help manufacturers safeguard their products and the global food supply, USP provides standards for determining food ingredient authenticity and purity. These standards help limit the introduction of potential adulterants and other problems at the ingredient level, and serve as a widely acknowledged quality benchmark in the buying and selling of food ingredients in the global marketplace. USP also supports the work of food ingredient manufacturers through scientific meetings, education courses, and opportunities for involvement in the standards-setting process.

Documentary Standards

USP began establishing documentary, or written, standards for food ingredients in 2006 when it acquired the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)—a compendium of quality and purity specifications and methods—from the Institute of Medicine. The FCC provides essential criteria and analytical methods to authenticate and determine the quality of food ingredients. FCC is now published annually and its revision process has been opened to the public through the free, online FCC Forum. Learn more about FCC standards and how they are developed; view FCC revisions, commentary, and errata; and find out how you can purchase the latest edition of FCC.

Reference Standards

To equip industry with all of the tools necessary to perform analytical procedures with a high degree of accuracy, FCC monographs and methods are often developed with reliance on authenticated USP Reference Standards. When a shipper or receiver is confronted with passing judgment on the suitability (i.e., identity and purity) of a food ingredient, use of an authenticated Reference Standard allows for a rapid and unbiased decision to satisfy quality assurance, contractual agreements, and regulators.

USP currently offers more than 3,200 USP Reference Standards, including a wide variety of food ingredients (e.g., flavorings, preservatives, nutrients, and melting point standards). Learn more about USP's food ingredient Reference Standards and view a list of food-specific products.

Meetings & Courses

  • Stakeholder Forums: Each year, USP holds the Food Ingredients Stakeholder Forum to provide stakeholders and leaders from academia and industry an opportunity to meet with USP's Food Ingredients Executive Committee (FIEC) and discuss industry concerns and to receive updates on FCC activities.
  • Workshops: USP's topical workshops are open meetings that aim to foster constructive scientific dialogue that will lead to stronger standards development. Each year, USP holds several events focused on food ingredient quality. View upcoming and past workshops.
  • Education Courses: To help you interpret and apply standards accurately, USP offers a variety of classroom, online and on–demand education courses. USP Global Education and Training curriculum is developed by the USP experts who set the standards. View and register for the latest course offerings.

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