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USP 29–NF 24 Russian Edition

USP–NF Russian Edition

Translated and published by GEOTAR–MEDIA, one of the leading publishing companies in the Russian Federation who is well-known internationally for its translations of medical texts, the current USP–NF Russian Edition features monographs and methods through USP 29–NF 24.

Highlights & Features

  • The USP–NF Russian Edition features scientifically based standards that help ensure the identity, quality, purity and strength of more than 4,000 medicines, drug substances, dosage forms, biologics, excipients, and dietary supplements.
  • Published in print—two volumes, totaling 3,592 pages
  • Packaged with an instructional CD that provides helpful information for using the compendia

An Essential Reference for

  • State regulatory organizations
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Scientific research centers
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering VUZ (Institutes of Higher Learning)

How to Order the USP–NF Russian Edition

This publication is currently offered through GEOTAR–MEDIA and its distributors. For online ordering and a list of distributors, visit the GEOTAR–MEDIA website.