New Technologies for Standard Development

Working with various stakeholders and experts, USP is introducing new analytical technologies to advance reference standard characterization, enhance compendial testing performance, and promote the development of new types of standards.

USP’s Research and Innovation (R&I) team is currently scouting relevant technologies and identifying potential enabling technologies for the future, including:

  • Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (qNMR) - Identified as a technology with the potential to speed up reference standard characterization and streamline compendial testing. We are working with external industrial experts to conduct pilot studies and establish a roadmap for USP implementation of the qNMR technology.
  • DNA Identification - Another area USP is exploring as an orthogonal method for species identity analysis in dietary supplements/herbal medicine.

Novel Technology Seminar Series

R&I regularly invites industry experts to present and demonstrate new and emerging technologies as part of its educational and outreach activities. Discussion topics may include testing technologies above and beyond the traditional chemical and biological testing approaches, including new identification technologies, and highly integrated analytical technology for an end-to-end operation, among others.