Innovation Infrastructure

Central to USP’s research and innovation efforts is the development of a “Culture of Innovation.” USP has begun implementing a new collaborative and empowering infrastructure throughout its organization to promote optimal operational performance and generate new innovative ideas and solutions, from both internal and external contributors.

The new infrastructure is built around the following two initiatives:

  • USP Idea System The goal of the USP Idea System is to foster an innovative, high-performing, and empowered workforce at USP capturing and implementing frontline ideas and solutions. A pilot program was initiated at the US Headquarters in Rockville and included teams ranging from Laboratory staff to the Quality Assurance group. The Idea System is currently being rolled out to global USP locations this year.
  • USP Ignite - USP Ignite empowers employees and leverages crowds to ideate, collaborate, and prioritize solutions for specific problems, strategic opportunities, continuous improvement, or challenges facing USP. USP Ignite is a collaboration and innovation platform based on Spigit’s innovative crowdsourcing technology