The Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 English Edition

Prepared and translated into English in accordance with the principles and requirements recommended by the Ninth Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission (ChP) and accomplished by the collective efforts of ChP members, its Secretariat, institutions and organizations, the 2010 edition of the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China—known as Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 or abbreviated as ChP 2010—features significant revisions and improvements. This is the ninth edition since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The 2010 edition covers most traditional Chinese medicines and Western medicines and preparations, giving descriptions and information on the standards of purity, testing, dosage, precautions, storage, and the strength of each drug.

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Highlights & Features

  • 4,567 total monographs; 1,386 new admissions and 2,228 revisions
  • 47 new admissions and 155 revisions in Appendices
  • Applications of contemporary analytical technologies
  • Emphasis on pharmaceutical safety in General Notices, Appendices and Monographs
  • Concepts of the wild resource protection and sustainable development of Traditional Chinese Medicines
  • Development of green standards

Published in Three Volumes

  • Volume I: 2,165 monographs—1,019 new admissions (439 for prepared slices) and 634 revisions. Content: Chinese Material Medica and Prepared Slices of Chinese Crude Drugs • Vegetable Oil, Fats and Extracts • Patented Chinese Traditional Medicines • Single Ingredients of Chinese Crude Drug Preparations
  • Volume II: 2,271 monographs—330 new admissions and 1,500 revisions. Content: Chemical Drugs • Antibiotics • Biochemical Preparations • Radiopharmaceuticals • Excipients for Pharmaceutical Use
  • Volume III: 131 monographs—37 new admissions and 94 revisions. Content: Biological Products
  • All Volumes: Content: Membership of the Ninth Pharmacopoeia Commission of the People's Republic of China • Editorial Board • Preface • History • New Admissions • Omissions or Adjustments • General Notices • Appendices • Index