September 20, 2010

2010–2015 Council of the Convention Appointed, Will Examine Membership—After a solicitation of the current membership, Dr. Timothy Franson, President of the USP Convention, in consultation with USP CEO Dr. Roger Williams, appointed the first 12 members of the Council of the Convention (CoC) for the new cycle. The initial CoC members were chosen from among the Voting Organizational Members that were grandfathered into membership through Resolution 1. The Board of Trustees approved the appointments in late August. Plans are to expand the Council to its full complement (25 members) over the next year. Items on the agenda for the CoC's October 5th meeting, which Dr. Franson will chair, include an examination of USP's Convention Members and Observers and a discussion of proposed CoC Rules and Procedures.

New USP Governance Committee Appointed, Will Review CoC and Council of Experts Rules—After consulting with Dr. Roger Williams on the desired make-up of the Governance Committee (GC), President Franson selected eight Convention members and four individuals from the Council of Experts to comprise the GC. These 12 were approved by the Board, and Dr. Franson named Donald C. Singer, M.S., delegate of the American Society for Quality to chair the GC. The GC will examine the proposed rules and procedures of the CoC and the Council of Experts at its first meeting on November 30th.

Pharmacopeial Forum Transitions to Free, Online Resource in January 2011, Broadening Access to Standards Setting Process—In January 2011, Pharmacopeial Forum (PF), USP's journal for public comment, will become a free, online resource. To facilitate users' ability to identify and respond to proposals, the new PF will include only proposals for which USP is seeking public comment. Free access to other items currently published in PF will be available on USP's Web site.

USP Paper Addresses Protein Adulteration in Foods—A paper authored by a team of USP experts addresses the deadly adulteration of protein based foods (infant formula, other milk products, and pet food) with melamine and related nonprotein compounds. Published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, the paper examines current and emerging methods of measuring protein content in foods.

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