USP Member Memo — July 29, 2015

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Deadline Extended: Complete the Survey to Help Identify Ways We Can Work Together
More from the Meeting
What are Standards?

2015 Convention Meeting Updates


Deadline Extended: Complete the Survey to Help Identify Ways We Can Work Together

Delegates & Observer Representative Collaboration & Engagement Survey
82% of Delegates who completed the online post-Convention Meeting survey agreed or strongly agreed that they "feel prepared to think about organizational collaboration."  We have received some responses, but have you returned your survey?  
This survey is an efficient way for USP to better understand your areas of interest, the types of tools that you will find helpful, mission intersects, potential collaborations, etc. Please help us identify ways our organizations can work together to improve global health.  
Delegates and Observer Representatives, please complete the survey on or before August 19th.  

More from the Meeting

Special Program. Special Videos.
If you attended the 2015 Convention Meeting, you saw a short "Special Program" during which USP shared videos about collaborative activities and then thanked those involved in those collaborations.  Those videos are now available for you to see and/or share with others.
NOTE: Three of the four videos listed above are stored on YouTube.  The fourth video, marked with *, is stored on Dropbox. You do NOT need to have accounts with YouTube or Dropbox to view these videos. 

In Other News

What Are Standards?
Do you understand what USP means when we talk about "standards"?  Could you explain it to others?
USP's mission is to improve global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods.  And, nine of the 11 Resolutions adopted by Delegates for USP's 2015-2020 cycle directly or indirectly relate to standards.
You can find helpful language to help understand and explain what USP standards are, that there are different types, and their place in USP's work in a recent post on USP's blog, Quality Matters.


Help USP better understand your areas of interest, the tools you'd find helpful, potential collaborations, etc.

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