USP Member Memo — August 21, 2014


SAVE THE DATE—The dates for the 2015 USP Convention are April 22–25, 2015, J. W. Marriott Washington, DC, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC

Now Open – Call for Beal Award Nominees
The USP Beal Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service recognizes a person who has made outstanding contributions to the public health while serving as a USP volunteer. It was created to honor the lifelong USP contributions of James Hartley Beal, Ph.D., LL.B. (1861–1945) and his son, George Denton Beal, Ph.D. (1888–1972). Deadline for Nominees is October 2, 2014.

 The Beal Award is bestowed every five years as USP’s highest honor at the USP Convention's Membership  Meeting. The nominee must be a current or former USP volunteer serving as a member of at least one of  the following:

  • USP Convention
  • Board of Trustees
  • Council of Experts (CoE)
  • Expert Committee

(Read More and Nominate HERE)

Call for Candidates – Reminder
As a reminder to our Members and Observers, USP is inviting qualified candidates— pharmaceutical scientists, academicians, regulatory professionals, healthcare practitioners, and others who work with medicines and foods—to apply to serve as scientific decision makers on its Council of Experts and Expert Committees for the upcoming 2015–2020 Convention cycle. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with USP and help us in our mission to improve global public health. We ask that you may spread the word about this opportunity to your constituents as well. (Read More)


InSight 2020  – USP Strategic Initiatives Program




Our Members will be interested to know that this fiscal year (July 2014 – June 2015),  USP is launching over twenty strategic initiatives to help address critical questions to  help us plan for the future. The overarching objective of these initiatives, which as a  whole we are calling “InSight 2020,” is to outline recommendations that will strengthen  the organization (e.g., people, processes) and inform development of a five-year strategy to better achieve USP’s mission.

The six program-area initiatives currently underway include:  USP-NF, Foods, Dietary Supplements, Biologics and the Medicines Compendium.  Initiatives scheduled to launch later this year will address our strategies in Global Public Health, Research and Innovation, Verification and Testing, and External Education.

While the core working teams are comprised of USP staff, each program-area initiative team has engaged one or more members of the Board of Trustees as advisors and has been encouraged to actively seek input from our expert volunteers, member organizations and other stakeholders.

We will update you as the InSight 2020 program progresses.

USP Efforts to Promote Access to Quality Medicines in Africa Boosted by Quick International Lab Accreditation
The Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training (CePAT), launched in Ghana by USP to promote access to good quality medicines, has received a top international laboratory accreditation – becoming one of the only few laboratories in Sub-Saharan Africa to meet internationals standards in conducting quality control testing of medicines. (Read More)

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