2015-2020 Convention Governance Committee


The Convention Governance Committee (GC) is composed of 12 persons:

  • 8 persons who are Delegates or other representatives of Voting Organizational Members,
    or Voting At-Large Members, and
  • 4 members of the Council of Experts.

Governance Committee members are appointed by the President of the Convention in consultation with the Executive Vice President-CEO and subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. The President of the Convention also appoints the Chair of the GC from among the GC members. The current GC was organized in August 2015. Its members shall continue in office until adjournment of the next regular Membership Meeting or until their successors are appointed.


The GC's duties as stipulated in Article X of the 2015-2020 Bylaws are summarized below.

  • Ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and security of the voting process used by the Voting Members,
  • Developing and reviewing proposed amendments to the Bylaws, and facilitating the review and comment by the Board and legal counsel; and
  • Providing for the review and approval of the proposed rules and procedures of the Council of Experts (CoE) and the Council of the Convention (CoC), including any amendments thereto, as follows:
    • The Governance Committee shall review the proposed rules and procedures to ensure consistency with these Bylaws, and shall solicit comments from Voting Members, who shall have at least ninety (90) days to provide comments;
    • The Governance Committee shall provide its comments and those received from Voting Members to the Council for consideration; and
    • The Governance Committee shall forward the rules and procedures, along with all comments and the Council's responses thereto, to the Board of Trustees for approval. 

2015–2020 Governance Committee Members

Voting Organizational Members

Michael A. Moné, J.D., R.Ph., FAPhA, Florida Pharmacy Association (Chair)
Kathryn Camp, M.S., R.D., CSP, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Earl S. Dye, Ph.D., Biotechnology Industry Association
Stacey May, M.A., American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
John Punzi, Ph.D., Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Hanan J. Sboul, M.B.A., CAE, Jordan Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances 
April Shaughnessy, R.Ph., CAE, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 
Donald C. Singer, M.S., American Society for Quality 

Members of the Council of Experts

James De Muth, Ph.D., R.Ph., General Chapters—Dosage Forms Expert Committee
Robin J. Marles, Ph.D., Botanical Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines Expert Committee
Ernest Parente, Ph.D., Chemical Medicines 2 Expert Committee
Wesley (Wes) Workman, Ph.D., General Chapters—Biological Analysis Expert Committee