Members Overview

The USP Convention membership is designed to ensure suitable representation of those sections of the pharmaceutical care and food ingredient communities that are impacted by and in turn impact USP's activities. Member Organizations guide and facilitate USP's work toward achieving its mission of improving global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods.  

Members accomplish this through:

  • Discussions that address issues of interest to their constituents
  • Appointing delegates (one per Member Organization) who:
    • Vote on bylaws amendments
    • Adopt resolutions that guide USP's policies and initiatives
    • Elect the USP Convention officers (the president and treasurer) and trustees
    • Elect the Council of Experts
  • Keeping their constituencies informed of USP activities and share with USP information and perspectives that are relevant to USP

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Convention Observers

USP Convention Observers are organizations that collaborate and assist USP in its public health mission. Observers become familiar with USP activities through ongoing communications, inform USP about their actions and initiatives which may affect USP’s standards-setting and related activities, provide input on USP standards, and facilitate collaborations with USP where appropriate.  Each Observer must name a representative to USP who may attend regular membership meetings, but who does not have voting rights. The Convention Observer term is for the duration of a cycle and ends at the end of each regular membership meeting.

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