Outreach and Exchange Programs

As part of its mission to improve global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods, USP encourages the sharing of scientific knowledge among global organizations involved in standards-setting and the effective use of standards. To this end, USP offers the following exchange programs:

  • Visiting Scientist Program: Technical scientists from the global community spend three months at one of USP's sites, working hand-in-hand with USP staff and experts on research projects aligned with USP's mission. The program is designed to advance the development of scientists committed to pharmacopoeial work, promote best practices for the development of public standards for medicines and foods, and foster international recognition and harmonization of public standards.

  • International Training Program: Participants convene at USP-US in Rockville, MD, USA, for a seven-day training session aimed toward strengthening, expanding, and enhancing their existing compendial and regulatory knowledge base. This program includes tours and classroom lectures by USP experts and guest lecturers.

  • Global Fellowship Program: Since 1981, USP has promoted research in areas related to standards for medicines, foods, and dietary supplements and their use through the USP Global Fellowship Program. Currently, the program selects three fellows annually.

  • Executive Exchange Program: Government officials and executives join USP-U.S. for one year and work on projects that benefit USP and their own organizations, as well as meet with U.S. regulators and other organizations. The objective of the program is to engage other international standards-setting organizations at the leadership level in an effort to facilitate global harmonization.