Donor Recognition

USP created the Donor Recognition Program to demonstrate our appreciation for the valuable contributions of stakeholders like you. Reference material donors are featured in USP’s annual donor list and are eligible to receive a variety of other recognition options. Donors of new or modernized monographs and candidate reference materials may receive:

  • Certificates of Appreciation when monographs reach the publication in forum stage (generally 18 months after submission) or when candidate-donated reference materials are received 
  • a packaged vial of their Reference Standard 
  • a summary of the data collected by USP on their candidate reference material at the time of release 
  • complimentary subscriptions to USP publications and services
  • a personalized engraved crystal recognition award for their contribution to public health 
  • 2,000 USP credits, awarded annually

USP’s Donor Recognition Program team evaluates suitable recognition for our valued donors. To commemorate its monograph and candidate reference material donors, USP now offers three recognition levels: 

  • Silver—for those who contribute one new or modernized monograph and one or two bulk candidate reference materials 
  • Gold—for two new and/or modernized monographs and three or four bulk candidate reference material 
  • Platinum—for three or more new and/or modernized monographs and five or more bulk candidate reference material. Platinum-level donors will be eligible to attend yearly recognition events with USP executives and keynote speakers.