FCC Publication & Comment Schedule

FCC Forum is the process for new and revised Food Chemicals Codex public review and comment.

All proposed standards and revisions for the FCC are first posted in the free, online FCC Forum for a 90-day public comment period. Once revisions or new standards are approved by the Food Ingredients Expert Committee and are published in the FCC main edition or its Supplements. The table below shows applicable FCC Forum comment periods, targeted publications, and publication dates.

FCC Forum DateComment PeriodTarget FCC PublicationPublication DatePublication Effective Date
Jun 2015Jun 30–Sep 28, 2015FCC, Tenth EditionMar 1, 2016Jun 1, 2016
Dec 2015Dec 31, 2015–Mar 31, 2016FCC, Tenth Edition, First SupplementSep 1, 2016Dec 1, 2016
Jun 2016Jun 30–Sep 30, 2016FCC, Tenth Edition, Second SupplementMar 1, 2017Jun 1, 2017
Dec 2016Dec 31, 2016–Mar 31, 2017FCC, Tenth Edition, Third SupplementSep 1, 2017Dec 1, 2017
Jun 2017Jun 30–Sep 30, 2017FCC, Eleventh EditionMar 1, 2018Jun 1, 2018
Dec 2017Dec 31, 2017–Mar 31, 2018FCC, Eleventh Edition, First SupplementSep 1, 2018Dec 1, 2018
Jun 2018Jun 30–Sep 30, 2018FCC, Eleventh Edition, Second SupplementMar 1, 2019Jun 1, 2019
Dec 2018Dec 31, 2018–Mar 31, 2019FCC, Eleventh Edition, Third SupplementSep 1, 2019Dec 1, 2019

Information in the above table is subject to change as needed and without prior notice.