FCC Development Process

USP develops—and publishes in the FCC—public standards to provide quality oversight for food ingredients. Public input and interaction are vital to the development of these standards, which originate from the draft monographs and data provided by food ingredient manufacturers, users, and suppliers. USP's scientific staff and the volunteer Food Ingredients Expert Committee review these data, conduct necessary laboratory tests, and ensure that the information is subject to a process of public review and comment.

The FCC standards development process begins with the submission of a food ingredient monograph draft or a request for a revision to an existing monograph. The process culminates with approval by USP’s Food Ingredient Expert Committee (FIEC) and publication in the FCC. Along the way, there are many steps and opportunities for you to get involved. Click here to view a chart of the entire process.

Role of the FCC Forum

After acquiring the FCC from the Institute of Medicine in 2006, USP introduced a regular, biennial publication schedule for the FCC, with Supplements issued between each edition. This provides food scientists and other interested individuals with regular access to both the latest information and the revision process. All proposed changes to the FCC are posted in the free, online FCC Forum. Through the forum, the public can comment on proposed new and revised FCC monographs for a 90-day period. USP encourages all stakeholders to participate in the comment and revision process, with the aim of producing a robust and comprehensive FCC.

Access the FCC Forum (Please note: the FCC Forum requires a free, one-time registration. Click on "Sign up for free access here" once you are in the website.)

Comments received through the FCC Forum regarding a revision proposal will be assessed by staff and presented to the FIEC of the USP Council of Experts for final consideration and voting in accordance with the Rules and Procedures of the Council of Experts. The final documentary standards will then be entered in the next Supplement or edition of the FCC. View FIEC’s current work plan.

Accelerated Revision Process

In certain instances as specified by the USP Council of Experts (e.g., errata and expedited and immediate standards), revisions to the FCC can be made more quickly through special accelerated processes. The Guideline on Use of Accelerated Processes for Revisions to FCC delineates the circumstances under which the Accelerated Revision Processes can be used.