Food Fraud Database 2.0 Media Kit

USP's Food Fraud Database 2.0 (FFD 2.0) is a key resource in the fight against global food fraud. Explore official materials and related information on food fraud prevention and mitigation.

Press Release
Download our official release on FFD 2.0's launch.

Fact Sheet: Food Fraud Database 2.0
Learn more about FFD 2.0's resources, features, and integration with our Food Fraud Mitigation Guidance.

Infographic: Food Fraud's Impact
Learn about food fraud's consequences in this infographic from our blog, Quality Matters.

Need more FFD 2.0 information? Review our Frequently Asked Questions.

As our food sources become more globalized, Economically-Motivated Adulteration (EMA) threatens public health worldwide. USP's Karen Everstine, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Moore, Ph.D. explore this vulnerability in Food Quality & Safety.
USP’s Karen Everstine, Ph.D., addresses food fraud risks and prevention mechanisms.
Mérieux NutriSciences’ Bert Popping, Ph.D., and USP’s Karen Everstine, Ph.D. explore the food fraud mitigation and prevention triumvirate for Food Quality Magazine.