2015–2020 Healthcare Quality and Safety Committee Work Plan


  • Donna Bohannon, R.Ph., Scientific Liaison - Healthcare Quality and Safety Standards, dzb@usp.org

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Upcoming Official Meetings

  • March 21, 2018, at USP–U.S., Rockville, MD

Past Meetings – Executive Summaries

Latest Updates

  • March 21, 2018, at USP–U.S., Rockville, MD – Contact conferences@usp.org for more information.

Focus Areas

  • Creation and revision of standards to foster patient-centered approaches to safe and effective use of medicines, building upon the concepts of health literacy, reduction of health disparities, and enhanced patient engagement
  • Creation of standards that support safe medication use to accompany technological advancements in healthcare, including the digitization of healthcare (e.g., electronic health records) and innovation in drug development (e.g., biosimilars, precision medicine, medical foods, parenteral nutrition)
  • Creation of standards that address quality and safety issues related to the use of medications arising from implementation of national healthcare reform initiatives, such as creating a national formulary model for all outpatient drugs and developing drug allergy/intolerance classes to assist in electronic health records

Expert Committee Charge

  • To support 2015–2020 USP Convention Resolution 8, the Healthcare Quality and Safety Expert Committee will collaborate with stakeholders to develop, strengthen, revise, and promote adoption of healthcare quality standards that address quality and safety related to the use of medications and that are of value to patients and practitioners. The HQ EC will focus on healthcare quality standards that support the US National Quality Strategy and address current public health needs. In addition, the HQ EC will continuously revise the USP Medicare Model Guidelines and other USP General Chapters.

Key Issues

  • USP Medicare Model Guidelines (USP MMG)
  • USP Model Guidelines for all US marketed products (USP DC)
  • USP Pictograms
  • <17> Prescription Container Labeling (official May 2012)
  • <1066> Physical Environments that Promote Safe Medication Use (official 2010)

Subgroups and Expert Panels

  • Allergy and Intolerances Expert Panel
  • Health Literacy Expert Panel 
  • Parenteral Nutrition Safe Use Expert Panel

Ballot Results and Standards-Development