2015–2020 Call for Candidates Now Open

USP 2015 Convention

USP invites qualified candidates—scientists, academicians, regulatory professionals, healthcare practitioners, and others who work with medicines and foods—to apply to serve as decision makers on its Council of Experts and Expert Committees for the upcoming 2015–2020 Convention cycle. Learn more about the Council of Experts and Expert Committees, and view a complete list of Expert Committees pdf' .

Being a USP expert volunteer offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to:

  • Impact global public health

    Through the contribution of their individual expertise, USP experts help to ensure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of chemical and biological medicines, excipients, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. USP standards are recognized by regulatory authorities in 39 countries and are used in more than 140.

  • Share expertise and collaborate with colleagues worldwide

    USP experts work with leading scientific, academic, regulatory, and practitioner professionals from all regions of the world. USP experts are supported by staff and state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, India, China, and Brazil.

  • Add distinction to your career

    USP experts are called upon to utilize their best personal, professional, and scientific judgment to benefit global public health. It can be both a meaningful and enriching experience.

Application and Selection Information

  • Apply Online

    New Online Application: PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING

  • Important Dates: Application Deadlines and Section Dates
    • January 1, 2015: Deadline for Council of Experts applications
    • April 20–24, 2015: Council of Experts elected at the USP Convention
    • May 15, 2015: Deadline for Expert Committee member applications
    • June 2015: Expert Committee members elected by new Council of Experts
    • July 1, 2015: 2015–2020 Council of Experts and Expert Committees begin their work

Video for Call for Candidate

Questions? View FAQs, or contact USP at USPVolunteers@usp.org or (301) 816-8151.