Chemical Medicines

Safeguarding the quality of medication is fundamental to protecting the public’s health, especially as ingredients and products come from all over the world. Entrusted by the U.S. government, our public standards help regulators and drug manufacturers ensure that safe, high-quality medicines make their way to consumers. Our standards are unique in providing precise formulas and preparation guidelines, as well as pure reference samples for testing, so that drugs can be made consistently, every time. As new drugs enter the marketplace and new technology changes the way medicines are made, we work across the industry with experts in science and public health to keep standards current, encourage innovation and uphold confidence in healthcare.

reference standards

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Providing you with the most up-to-date,
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USP–NF Standards Updates

USP creates and continuously revises
USP–NF standards through a unique
public-private collaborative process,
which involves pharmaceutical scientists
in industry, academia, and government
as well as other interested parties from
anywhere in the world.

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