Volunteer Award Winners

USP expert volunteers direct our work to improve global public health through public standards and related programs that help to ensure medicines and foods quality.  A volunteer selection committee issues annual recognition to expert volunteers whose contributions exemplify our mission.

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2016 Volunteer Award Winners

USP is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 USP Award for an Outstanding Contribution to USP Standards. This award is presented to a USP standards-setting body in recognition of significant contributions to the achievement of USP’s standards-setting priorities or improvement of USP's standards-setting processes.

Please join us in congratulating the selected volunteer bodies who have exemplified the spirt of volunteerism that defines USP’s commitment to address public health challenges.

Healthcare Quality and Safety Expert Committee

Dennis Doherty, M.D., FCCP, Chair Raymond Love, Pharm.D.
Duane Kirking, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Vice Chair Oneka Marriott, M.D.
Timothy Albertson, M.D. Marcus Reidenberg, M.D.
Phil Ayers, Pharm.D. BCNSP, FASHP Melody Ryan, Pharm.D., MPH
Danial Baker, Pharm.D. Joanne Schwartzberg, M.D.
Diane Cousins, B.S. Pharm Patricia Sokol, RN, J.D.
Mark Decerbo, Pharm.D., BCNSP, BCSP Yiying Tsai, Pharm.D.
Peter Glassman, M.D. J. Russell Teagarden, M.A., B.S. Pharm, DMH
Roy Guharoy, Pharm.D., MBA Jeanne Tuttle, B.S. Pharm
William Hess, B.S. Pharm Terri Warholak, Ph.D.
Raymond Hohl, M.D. Jo Wyeth, Pharm.D.
John Whyte, M.D., MPH  

Food Ingredients Intentional Adulterants Expert Panel

Jonathan DeVries, Ph.D., Chair Petra Lutter, Ph.D.
Paul Brent, Ph.D. Richard Myers, Ph.D.
Susan Brown, M.E.A. Duane Stazger, Ph.D.
Christophe Cavin, Ph.D. John Spink, Ph.D.
Henry Chin, Ph.D. Jennifer Thomas, J.D.
Robin Churchill, Ph.D. Saskia van Ruth, Ph.D.
Karen Everstie, Ph.D. Carl Winter, Ph.D.
Daniel Folmer, Ph.D. Yongning Wu, Ph.D., M.D.
Fred Gale, Ph.D. Liangli Yu, Ph.D.
Shaun Kennedy  

Nominations for the 2017 Volunteer Awards and Recognition Program is now open.

Volunteer Awards Nomination

The deadline for submission of nominations is November 17, 2017.

The USP Award for Outstanding Contribution to USP Standards recognizes the remarkable contributions of our volunteer bodies that work to “improve global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods.” Candidacy for this award is open to all volunteer bodies operating anywhere in the world that are affiliated with USP.

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