USP Strategic Plan

The current USP Strategic Plan was thoughtfully crafted by USP’s leadership, and is based on the following five key components which provide the foundation for USP’s work.

  • Strengthen and expand USP’s core compendial activities—the provision of timely, up-to-date documentary standards and reference materials for all medicines and foods;

  • Build and enhance USP’s allied compendial programs—programs that build upon USP's core compendial activities and promote the use of quality standards;

  • Explore and evaluate emerging opportunities to leverage USP's unique capabilities to fulfill the public health needs of its constituencies and further USP's mission;

  • Operate globally, solidifying USP's global, regional, and national partnerships and presence and working closely with regulators and other stakeholders to help improve the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods throughout the world; and

  • Manage all USP's programs, products, and services efficiently and effectively to maximize their impact.