USP History & Information

USP Milestones Timeline: View key dates and events in USP's rich and expansive history as a standards-setting organization and public health champion. Learn more through these additional resources:




USP's Global Impact: Since its founding in 1820, USP has transformed from a national entity to a global organization. Explore the expanding international scope of USP's work, collaborations, and leadersthat have made it possible.



FDA-USP Partners in Public Health: For more than a century,  the U.S. FDA, its predecessor agencies, and USP have worked together to protect the public health and promote the quality and safety of drugs, dietary supplements, and foods. Gain insight into this unique private-public partnership and its many accomplishments.


The USP Information Center (USPIC)

These exhibits and additonal resources are available for public viewing at the USPIC. The USPIC, located at USP–U.S. in Rockville, MD, is home to the USP library collection and its archive of historical artifacts, photographs, and USP memorabilia.

The public is welcome to view the collection, but we ask that all visitors request permission to view and use USPIC resources at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the USPIC manager by telephone +1-301-816-8352 or by email

The USPIC is open during normal operating hours, Monday–Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, EST. Get directions to USP–U.S.

Available Resources

  • All volumes and periodicals contained in the Information Center. Periodical issues from only the current and the previous one year are maintained at USP–U.S.
  • All volumes of the official compendia, USP–NF, supplements, addenda and interim revision announcements, and available translations
  • All volumes of the Pharmacopeial Forum (PF)
  • All volumes of the USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names
  • All volumes of the USP Pharmacists' Pharmacopeia
  • Current USP Reference Standards Catalog
  • Most recent edition of Chromatographic Columns
  • Other volumes published by USP
  • Proceedings of USP Convention Meetings and available copies of USP Annual Report
  • Historical artifacts and photographs on display, including any special exhibits

Electronic versions of certain resources also may be made available for viewing, if such exist. Please note that only some electronic resources are available for walk-in users on workstations only, as they are governed by license agreements.