USP Volunteer Leadership Bodies

USP is governed by three bodies composed entirely of volunteers from around the world: the USP Convention Membership, the Board of Trustees, and the Council of Experts and its Expert Committees. View "Fast Facts" about USP's volunteer leadership bodies.

USP Convention Membership

The USP Convention consists of almost 450 member organizations representing a variety of valuable perspectives, including: academic institutions; health practitioner and scientific associations; consumer organizations; manufacturer and trade associations; government bodies and associations; and non-governmental standards-setting and conformity assessment bodies. Members participate in discussions on issues of interest to their constituents, vote on resolutions that guide USP's policies and initiatives, and elect the USP Convention officers (the president and treasurer), trustees, and the Council of Experts. Members must be invited and approved by the Council of the Convention and the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

The USP Board of Trustees is elected every five years by the Convention membership. The board makes decisions that guide USP's policies, finances, and strategic direction. The board comprises two trustees who represent the medical sciences; two trustees who represent the pharmaceutical sciences; three trustees who serve in an at-large capacity; and one trustee who represents the public interest. The officers include a president, treasurer, and past president.

Council of Experts and its Expert Committees

The Council of Experts is the body that makes USP's scientific and standards-setting decisions. Members of the Council are elected by the USP Convention membership. Each Council member serves as the chair of an Expert Committee for a five-year term. The chairs elect the members of the Expert Committees who also serve five-year terms. The Council of Experts and its Expert Committees provide the scientific foundation for USP's public health products and programs.