Sameer Navalgund, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research & Development, USP–India

Sameer Navalgund

Dr. Sameer Navalgund is Vice President of Research and Development at the USP facility in Hyderabad, India. He is responsible for the analytical research and development laboratories and the development of documentary standards and reference materials. USP–India also carries out the modernization of USP’s written standards through the monograph modernization process.

Dr. Navalgund joined USP–India in 2010, bringing with him more than 17 years of experience in pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. Before joining USP, Dr. Navalgund served in a key management position at International Specialty Products, Pharmaceutical Center of Excellence at Hyderabad.

Dr. Navalgund was awarded a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Mumbai University and holds a master’s degree in human resources management.